Story of anal sex between two boys hits number one on youtube

And that’s because Google (which owns Youtube) is all for it, (as the Perspective AI questions prove)

There is no way this video could perform as well as it has unless it was getting a massive boost from Google and Youtube. The Perspective AI “anomalies” are NOT Anomalies, Google really is that evil.

And that’s because Google (which owns Youtube) is all for it, (as the Perspective AI questions prove)

I found this on DailyStormer

#1 on YouTube: Cartoon Teaches Schoolboys to Ram Their Penises Up Each Others Buttholes

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 3, 2017

An award-winning cartoon short designed to teach young boys to ram their penises up each others buttholes has debuted on YouTube, and is now the #1 trending video, having gotten 12,000,000 views in three days.


The film, “In a Heartbeat,” tells a high-quality CGI tale of a little boy who wants to ram his penis up another little boy’s anus. He stalks his victim, and confronts him, but the victim is shamed. Later, the victim comes back to the stalker, showing interest in doing anal. The short ends as they are ready to engage in the sick, disease-spreading act.

That is actually the story, go watch it. You might as well watch it, 12 million people already have, you’re not going to change the numbers.

You should watch it to know this is what they are feeding to your kids.

Because they know how kids’ minds work. A kid watches Star Wars, he wants to be a starfighter. He watches cowboys, he wants to be a cowboy. He watches “In a Heartbeat,” he wants to jam his penis up some other boy’s butthole.

I laugh, but not really: the purpose of making homosexual propaganda for children is not the stated purpose of “teaching acceptance” – it is to get them to consider the idea that they “might be gay.” They watch this clip and they put themself in that position, thinking about it – and what does a small child know of sexuality? Once they are thinking along those lines, they are then so many times more likely to consider “experimenting” – then all the sudden their high on poppers getting reamed by 50 guys a night at one of these sick parties the fags have every night.

This is reality.

Well, at least the media is pushing back against this film selling sodomy to children.

Or wait, no, sorry – they’re doing the opposite of The child sodomy propaganda was created by Beth David and Esteban Bravo at the Ringling College of Art and DesigI don’t know if “Beth David” is Jewish, and it doesn’t really matter. She’s a woman, so why wouldn’t she want to destroy the lives of little boys?

People love it.

Look at the Twitter hashtag for it. They’re making fan art. Out the wazoo.

Why don’t you send Beth David a message and tell her to stay the fuck away from our children.


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