A Velha AMERICA Evaporou-se e Foi Substituida Pela Nova AMERIKA Comunista?


How you know for certain America is FINISHED

Failing to license your dog is punishable by 90 days in prison!

“Becky Rehr says she drove to the Kalamazoo County sheriff’s office June 23 to prove that she’s recently renewed the license for the family’s 11-year-old dog, Dexter. Rehr’s 14-year-old daughter waited in the car as her mother was arrested, fingerprinted and held for three hours, The Kalamazoo Gazette said.”They frisked me and put me in this intake cell with all these inmates in orange jumpsuits,” Rehr said. “I was pretty nervous.”

Failure to license a dog is punishable by up to 90 days in jail and $100 fine.

County animal control Director Steve Lawrence said his office gave the 47-year-old Cooper Township woman numerous phone, mail and in-person notices of the need to renew the license. The last was a phone warning that a warrant would be requested unless she got a license by May 28.

Read original report here and all I can say is in America, you are a CRIMINAL, PERIOD, END OF DISCUSSION. EVERYONE IN AMERICA IS A CRIMINAL. In America you are a criminal worthy of a long enough jail sentence to cause you to lose your job, your home and everything you have because you did not register your dog.
In America, you are that type of a criminal because you forgot to register your weed eater.
In America, you are a criminal worthy of a lengthy prison sentence because you used your barbecue grill on an un approved day.
In America, you are a criminal and may get your entire home bulldozed on top of jail time because you put the wrong shingles on your roof, and you forgot to get a permit for them.
In America, you are a criminal if you drive a car that fails an arbitrary emission standard, even if it runs perfect and is within technical legal limits, but for some reason they detect in the exhaust signature something is not regulated by original parts, even if the emissions are better than the original manufacturer base line for your car.
In America, you are a criminal worthy of jail time if you grow potatoes in the back yard and did not tell the state.
In America, you are a criminal worthy of a lengthy jail sentence if you sell any used items you might have and did not tell the state before doing so, even if it is just a pair of socks.

The time for an armed rebellion is now so overdue that it is impossible to stage an armed rebellion to prevent yourself from going to jail over a well behaved dog because the police state apparatus is so well entrenched the only ones who have a chance are lone wolf types, who present no threat on an individual basis AT ALL. America YOU ARE SCREWED. Your prison stats, which your government has refused to update for 20 years because they were the worst in the world and getting worse and worse, (which is impossible in a supposedly free country) SAY IT ALL.

I am announcing, via logical extrapolation that America now has 15 million people in prison, more than the rest of the entire world combined. This is fairly easily to forward calculate simply by considering the number of new prisons that have been built since 1998, and the fact that at that time 7.2 million people were in prison in America. With a doubling in the number of prisons since 1998, and the well published fact that America’s prisons are overcrowded, the actual number of people in American prisons has GOT TO BE at LEAST 14,000,000. And these people are in prison BECAUSE:

They did not register their dog.
They screwed up somewhere and got nailed by something spurious that would be impossible to go to jail for in a free country. And the government is ashamed of the jail and wants the benefit of the freedom ruse and have the world keep loving them SO THEY ARE NOT SAYING A DAMN THING ABOUT HOW HORRIBLE AMERICA HAS REALLY BECOME, God only knows how many people really are detained, if you add the vanished homeless that were thrown on the street by dirty tricks played by communist kikedom, the number would likely grow by several million more. YES, IN AMERICA GETTING CAST ON THE STREETS AFTER LOSING EVERYTHING, EVEN IF IT WAS CAUSED BY GOING TO JAIL OVER NOT REGISTERING YOUR DOG WILL GET YOU MORE JAIL TIME, if you have NO PLACE TO LIVE after the Jews destroyed America, YOU ARE A CRIMINAL.

And I am confident the foreclosure scam which has left countless homes vacant is being used as cover for just how many people America’s government has gotten rid of.

America is wasted. Rebellion is not possible because the majority was just to comfortable as the country was thrown right down the garbage chute and the NSA, CIA, AND FBI are the new KGB, even worse, and if Kikedom has escalated the control grid to such an extent a piece of paper for a dog can get you a lengthy prison sentence, one long enough to cause you to lose everything you ever worked for in your entire life, America is OVER.“We prefer not for this stuff to go to court,” Lawrence told The Associated Press. “I’ts just a $10 license. For some reason, some people like to make it hard for themselves.” My comment: Dear Lawrence, The piece of lead you deserve for that attitude, as well as the people who made it possible to go to jail for this, is awful “hard” when it breaks the sound barrier. Where the hell did America go?

The world needs to go over this report and seriously re-consider what America is. This is not a freak incident, if it is not this it is something else, and it happens every day multiple times even in small town America. The prison stats more than prove this has gotten far out of hand, If you think America is still a free country just because the power structure now lauds men who poke each other, YOU ARE A FOOL.


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