Stand your Ground or we Are going straight to Hell Very Very Soon as the Elite is Pushing Really Hard for Our Destruction

The time is NOW to stand your ground. Root in deep and stand your ground. I believe we are going into the hockey stick of evil, where things have finished going slowly and will rapidly rise to unimaginable heights very quickly now, and it will be important for people to be finished with questioning who they are.

It will be very important to make direct decisions regarding who you are and begin to operate logically rather than emotionally. I believe it will be necessary to become purely logical because the elite are going to be using brain and hormone altering GMO’s you cant avoid, drugged water supplies you can’t avoid for the most part and tainted food supplies you can’t avoid, let alone a mind altering shot you may not be able to avoid. And if put into an emotionally impossible scenario you are going to need deeply rooted logic and previous decisions to get through what I believe are the up and coming end times spiritually intact.

I’ll opt not to deny Satan and the fact that there is a God and as stated in the various guide books the last days are here and those who have chosen to serve darkness have indeed successfully usurped almost all good in the world’s power structure and that they fully intend to ram rod all the predicted satanic stuff down the world’s throat. I know for certain they destroyed the web around 3 months ago and that the voice of good will be reaching very few new people. If you had already previously made certain decisions the web will look normal, but anyone who was still totally caught in the web of deception and going nowhere towards the truth will now remain hopelessly caught until this game plays out, these people are now on their own.

Zero tolerance will be the only path forward. When they push the gay agenda, Answer with zero tolerance, there is no middle ground here, homosexuality is a malfunction pure and simple and accepting homosexuality as being something you can tolerate will only create a slippery slope that will cast you into the abyss. Zero tolerance on the topic means you won’t suck up and say it is OK no matter what kind of bigot you are called, standing your ground will, in this case, mean watching the world fall apart around you while opting not to be a part of it. Dig in and STAND YOUR GROUND.

I am confident they are going to begin pushing animal sex and sex pets. They are already pushing this very hard in Europe and when people take pets to the vet that have been sexually injured by their owners the rules are already in place to not prosecute them, because the “elite” want animal sex to become the new normal. This has not taken root in America yet in a big way, but I am confident it is the goal of the “elite” to do this. And I strongly suspect that this will be pushed hard on the normal population long before child sex will, but child sex being pushed hard is definitely on the horizon. The order in which this happens is irrelevant.

They will definitely push people into the corner with a cashless society. This is already the most normal method in America and is about to become law in Europe. And once the society is cashless, they will definitely push the mark of the beast, so no one can buy or sell without the mark. Yet the various guide books say that there will be ways to gain victory over this mark, and that you can get through it all without being killed but that you are going to have to live completely without any sort of honor with the utmost humility to succeed with this, and I mean going as far as to completely depend on garbage for food. You won’t have a home, you won’t have medical, and you will have to hide like a rat to avoid being killed for opting out of the system. Perhaps you will be raptured, but I can’t tell God what to do with everyone, that is up to Him.

If you succeed in avoiding it, the total time frame for the usefulness of the mark of the beast will be less than 10 years, after this the system will collapse under its own corruption. If you study the scriptures well enough, this is all in there. From what I can put together, the “no one can buy or sell” period will be anywhere from 5-7 years. I am not going to assemble a billion bible quotes for this, this is not the mission of this web site but I will say I am not scripturally stupid and that this is a probable scenario. Obviously a mandatory vaccine will be the most probable vector of delivery for the mark.

This message never expires.

I strongly suggest people to take this seriously, it takes only a half wit to see something is seriously amiss now and that we are all swirling down the toilet bowl, just like the scriptures say will happen. And I do not buy into the “evil people are using the bible as a guide book” theory, because if any intelligence is applied to the situation at all, the smartest thing for the good of everyone that would make the most money for the “elite” would be to return morality to the 1950’s and exploit that particular societal ethic to the max.

No, we are seeing something go totally awry that is totally counterproductive for all of mankind, and there is only ONE THING, ONE WELL DOCUMENTED THING that fits the scenario, and it is that the “elite” have indeed formed a pact with Satan, complete with human sacrifices in synagogue basements and at the grove, in elite living rooms and at huge gated community parties, where they form pacts with Satan by proving they can be the most filthy heinous evil imaginable and in exchange, Satan is indeed giving them power. They are to in exchange for recieving this power do everything they can to make the people they rule as evil and perverted as possible.

If you opt to not be a part of it all, there is a bumpy trail ahead. What will it be for you? The path less traveled, with stones cutting your feet as you traverse cold craggy mountain peaks, or cruising a ferrari down the silky smooth highway to hell?



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